What should you look for when hiring a CPA for your business?

  1. Someone who is a PROFESSIONAL. By professional, I mean, someone who has the credentials (education, licenses, experience, etc.) to get the job done correctly and completely.
  2. Someone who is PERSONABLE. So we’ve all heard the jokes about accountants being odd, standoffish, awkward, and reserved. While that is true for some people, it is most definitely not the norm. Look for someone who is relatable; someone who can communicate easily, who you can understand, and someone you feel completely comfortable talking to.
  3. Someone who works for YOU. As a CPA, it is my job and responsibility to put your needs at the forefront. Contrary to popular belief, CPAs do not work for the IRS. We work for YOU. Our duty is to provide you with the means to save the most money, make you profitable, and make sure you are aware of applicable taxes, codes, and laws. We are not IRS auditors or tax collectors. If you feel your CPA isn’t doing everything in their reach to save you money, find another one! Simple as that.
  4. Last but definitely not least, someone who is AVAILABLE! I hear this all the time, “I could never get a hold of so-and-so accountant.” As a business owner, you should look for a CPA who is available to return your call, message, etc., within 12-24 hours. Your business should be as important as our business. Simply put, your business, is our business. Find someone who can be there for you when you need them. No matter how much they meet the other 3 criteria, if they aren’t available, it doesn’t even matter.

Armando Arrastia