Our Purpose

I’ve been thinking really hard here lately of what sets us apart from other accounting firms. In order to do so, I have been pursuing the development of our core principles and purpose(s). Unlike most CPA firms, my goal isn’t money. Now, before you starting ohhing and ahhing, hear me out. Of course I want to make money! Everyone does. But, at the end of the day, that is not what I want to be remembered for nor what I want SMITH CPA to be remembered or known for. My priority is and always will be my clients. If you’ve been working with me for any amount of time, you know that. No matter what time of day, I am here for you, even if I don’t have the answer right away, I will get it for you! Sometimes, its not even accounting related and yet I will dig for the answer until I know you have what you need.

YOUR SUCCESS IS OUR BUSINESS!! That’s the simplest way I can put it. It makes my day to send clients financial statements and see that they have had a successful month, quarter, or year. And if they haven’t, my goal is to provide some feedback of what changed, was there a contributing factor, and what they can do so that it doesn’t happen again. That being said, I am so proud of the core purposes of our company. To all business owners, if you don’t have a core purpose(s), I advise you to think very hard about what you want your business to be remembered for and what you want to provide to your customers, clients, and the community.

  • We deliver trusted and accurate accounting services for small businesses so they can focus on growing their own products or services.
  • We deliver best in business customer service because we understand the value in knowing someone will be there when you need help or have questions.
  • We deliver continuous education because we want our business clients to be successful and always aware of updated laws and regulations.
  • We deliver encouragement, support, and inspiration because owning a business does not always provide an influx of cash and is not always enjoyable.
  • We deliver our heart in everything we do, because at the end of the day, your success is our business and we take that personally.

Armando Arrastia